Acrobats of China

Acrobats of China in Branson, MO

RFD Theater

4080 W 76 Country Blvd
Branson, MO 65616

The “Acrobats of China Featuring New Shanghai Circus” gives Branson audiences the most electrifying and unforgettable performance they’ll ever’s purely magical! This high energy production features an exciting array of spectacular acrobatic feats, the kind of stunts that’ll have you biting your nails and holding your breath! The Jinan Troupe, a select group of elegant and captivating athletes, present FenMo, an innovative production that’s built on an ancient foundation of Chinese artistry known as the Peking Opera, but it’s delivered with modern aspects designed to appeal to today’s audience. Even with the updated perspective, the centuries-old culture of China is shared; each thrilling act is born from a story, whether it’s drum juggling or hoop diving, chair stacking or human juggling, there’s a season, a holiday, a celebration, or a dramatic event out of which each fascinating feat was born.

The “Acrobats of China” will treat you to a visual display of spectacular beauty and athletic endurance that seems nearly impossible to exhibit, yet these graceful, lithe artists will keep your rapt attention throughout the show with a revolving line-up of award-winning demonstrations, like the Spinning Girls, Butterfly Lovers, and Diabolo. You’ll also enjoy the Sanddorn Balance, which features 14 palm branches that weigh 55 pounds, balanced on a feather that weighs less than an ounce; and Silks, an exquisite act representing a touching story of love and loss. Accompanied by magnificent costumes and a combination of Chinese opera and modern music that’s a unique treat for the ears, the “Acrobats of China Featuring New Shanghai Circus” continues to be one of Branson’s most popular and enduring live’s true love at first sight for everyone who sees it!