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Forever Young

Forever Young in Branson, MO
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Americana Theatre

2905 W 76 Country Blvd
Branson, MO 65616

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“Forever Young” is a story of musical discovery not yet told in Branson...the tale of five young friends, the basement of a Midwest suburban home, and the joy of listening to music played on a real, old-time record player! Before you just pushed a button, opened a website, or tapped on your cell phone, you watched as the record dropped onto the turntable and the arm spun over to place the needle down as the record spun round. The sweet anticipation of the sound to come as that delightful soft swoosh hushed from the speakers; it’s a lost music-listening pleasure. These talented singers take you on a journey, beginning with the discovery of an old box of records, using their big voices and dynamic dance moves. They’ll share pop, rock, and country songs from records of the 60’s, as well as hits from the decades since.

The list of live theater, television, and top Branson show experiences for this exceptional group of entertainers is extensive. Experience this tribute to your life and your music...experience the joy of “Forever Young!”

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