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The Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed

The Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed in Branson, MO
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Dutton Family Theatre

3454 W 76 Country Blvd
Branson, MO 65616

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The Magic & Comedy of Taylor Reed gives Branson one of its most enchanting shows!  Welcoming all ages, this show is a great way to spend some time with the family or friends and is clean and appropriate for all ages. Whether he’s eating fire or making an entire vehicle appear, or disappear, in seconds, you’ll be captivated from the moment he takes the stage!  He simply commands your attention and quickly earns your respect; you immediately know you’re seeing a one-of-kind artist at work.  Although he’s been dazzling Branson audiences for years, the world was introduced to this genius illusionist when he left America’s Got Talent judges - Sharon Osborne, Howard Stern, and Howie Mandel - flabbergasted in 2012 with his motorcycle illusion, a stunt that earned him an instant pass to the Vegas round of the competition.  And, much to the delight of every guest at every show, Taylor Reed adds lots of laughs and dazzling dance steps to his original illusions and mystifying magic tricks!

Taylor Reed loves to get his audience in on the act - it’s anyone’s guess who’ll disappear next or who might get sawed in half!  But no worries, participation is completely voluntary, your husband or wife won’t go missing during the show unless you make arrangements with Mr. Reed in advance!  All kidding aside, this is one seriously entertaining show -- it’s The Magic & Comedy of Taylor Reed and it’s sure to be the highlight of your next visit to Branson!

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