Doug Gabriel - The Ultimate Variety Show

Doug Gabriel - The Ultimate Variety Show in Branson, MO

Reza Live Theatre

645 South State Highway 165
Branson, MO 65616

“Doug Gabriel - The Ultimate Variety Show” is everything the name implies and so much more! One of the longest running Branson shows and its most successful entertainers, “Doug Gabriel,” Branson Terry Award's Entertainer of the Year recipient, gives you everything he’s got on songs that everyone knows and loves! Hits from today’s artists, yesterday’s hit-makers, and a legendary singer known simply by one name - Elvis. It takes a powerful voice to do these artists proud, and “Doug Gabriel” lives up to the challenge - artists like Tom Jones, Michael Bolton, Roy Orbison, and The Righteous Brothers.

His superb and versatile voice and polished showmanship provides a perfect showcase for a wide variety of music, including songs from Taylor Swift, The Bee Gees, James Taylor, Sugerland, Marty Robbins, and Shania Twain, among others. And to compliment that astonishing voice, he expertly plays the guitar, piano, and the only Mufftar you’ll ever hear! What’s a Mufftar? It’s a creative and slightly crazy guitar fashioned from the muffler of a Ford Thunderbird; just wait ‘til you hear Doug play this clever instrument with all the #1 Hits in this great Branson Show!

“Doug Gabriel” is passionate about music and entertaining Branson audiences but, more than anything, he’s passionate about family. You’ll definitely want to bring your family to enjoy Doug with his lovely wife and adorable kids as they bring you loads of music, laughter, and all-around wholesome entertainment, perfectly prepared in this Branson show! I“Doug Gabriel - The Ultimate Variety Show,” is the show for you!