The Duttons

The Duttons in Branson, MO

Dutton Family Theatre

3454 W 76 Country Blvd
Branson, MO 65616

The Duttons put the ‘entertainment’ in family-friendly, Branson entertainment! And, speaking of family, the whole Dutton bunch is blessed with enormous talent — Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, in-laws, and the grandkids all work together to put on one of Branson’s most enduring and powerful shows! And it’s not only Branson that loves The Duttons! They’ve toured the globe and taken America by storm with appearances on the Jerry Lewis Telethon and America’s Got Talent, where their impeccable fiddle playing skills landed them in the second season’s Top Ten. Their imaginative performances made talent judge Sharon Osbourne long to travel to Branson; she loved their family togetherness and called them ‘amazing!’

Their inventive fiddle playing is what people know and love best, but The Duttons are also gifted on the banjo, keyboard, guitar, viola, harmonica, and other instruments, and their comedic timing leads to lots of laughs from the audience! Wacky wigs and props and their willingness to let their goofy side come out help make every performance a top notch variety show! And when it comes to multi-faceted music shows, this family covers all the bases, They handle the choreography, musical arrangements, technical support, all parts of the production, and even the marketing — no task is too big or too small to be mastered by a Dutton.

Family entertainment is best when it comes from a family of entertainers! Get the gang together and head to Branson where The Duttons have a delightfully glorious show waiting just for you!