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Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure

Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure in Branson, MO
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4106 W 76 Country Blvd
Branson, MO 65616

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Branson’s Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure is a spectacular, interactive Branson attraction that brings Mother Nature’s jungle environment up close for all to enjoy! Featuring several different areas to explore, the Butterfly Palace has so much more than those little, stunningly beautiful, fluttering creatures—you’ll meet a blue-eyed skink, fascinating tree frogs, gorgeous birds, and geckos, the real kind that don’t walk around on two feet and sell insurance! You’ll also be enchanted by all the lush greenery and the exquisite flower beds.

You’ll certainly want to take advantage of each unique area of the Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure, so allow time to guide yourself through; there are helpful staff members throughout the facility to answer questions. Providing a little education along with a whole lot of entertainment, the Rainforest Theater features a 45 minute documentary on the fascinating Monarch butterfly, as well as a 15 minute 3-D film on the life of a butterfly. There’s also a video that tells all about one of the butterfly farms in Costa Rica that some of the butterflies are imported from, they are on a mission to preserve the rainforest.

The Butterfly Aviary is awash in lush greenery, tropical plant life, and beautiful birds, with gorgeous butterflies flitting and flying about; it’s not unusual for one of these delicate creatures to rest on you! There’s an Emerald Forest Mirror Maze that will have you questioning your sense of direction as you wind your way through; it’s a maze that replicates what it’s like under the thick canopy of tropical growth in the rainforest. The Living Rainforest Adventure is where you’ll discover all sorts of critters, like poison dart frogs, giant cockroaches, salamanders, and chameleons. And then there’s the Banyan Tree Adventure, where you’ll find the Magic Pond and can climb all around the twisted roots of an authentic-looking replica of the Banyan, India’s national tree.

Plan your visit now to Branson’s wonderful world of nature, shared with you in the enclosed comfort of a glorious palace! The whole family will love the Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure!

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